Richard Hammond's Injuries Force Top Gear's Indefinite Postponement; Clarkson Gets Ready For Battle

The BBC's just released a statement across the wires that they'll be postponing the upcoming season of Top Gear. "We would not think of finalising plans for the next series without discussing it with everyone involved," the BBC said in the statement. "When it is suitable, the team will do this and we will announce a… »9/24/06 7:58pm9/24/06 7:58pm

Huzzah! Richard Hammond Now Described In "Stable Condition" After Jet-Car Crash

We've got the first confirmed good news of the evening — the BBC is now reporting a hospital spokeswoman statement on Top Gear's Richard Hammond as being in "stable condition." The Beeb's also reporting some more from first responder Dave Ogden, a private emergency rescue contractor first on the scene (pictured at… »9/20/06 8:09pm9/20/06 8:09pm