Police Arrest Michigan Man For Car Wash Vacuum Sexy-Time

On October 18th, Police apprehended an unnamed Michigan man in the act of coitus with his chosen mistress of the night, a car wash vacuum cleaner. Police were alerted to the unnatural activities by eye witnesses and approached on foot around 6:45 AM finding the man in the act, disturbing as that thought might be. When… »10/20/08 12:30pm10/20/08 12:30pm

The Only Thing Dyson Sucks At Is Making Electric Cars

Remember all of the hubbub about James Dyson, the man behind the Dyson line of vacuums, tossing his hat into the electric vehicle ring? Yeah, not so much. A company spokesman eliminated the chance for years worth of "electric cars suck" puns, saying "James did say that our digital motor could power a car, but we are… »6/27/08 1:30pm6/27/08 1:30pm