Watch an Australian V8 Supercar explode in a massive ball of fire

V8 Supercar driver Karl Reindler was forced to run for his life after his Holden Commodore went up in flames at the beginning of a race in Perth, Australia. A rear end collision with fellow driver Steve Owen punctured the car's fuel cell, causing it to explode in the unbelievable manner you see here. While… » 5/01/11 11:00am 5/01/11 11:00am

V8 Supercar Footcam: Now With More V8 Soundtrack

From the V8 Supercar department comes the underfoot work required to wrestle one of these monsters through the course in the Australian series. Next time someone's eyes glaze over as you speak of heel-and-toe or rev matching, just show them this video of eight cylinders put to most excellent use. » 5/01/07 12:15pm 5/01/07 12:15pm

Righty-O! How to Drive an Australian V8 Supercar

Australian V8 Supercar driver Russell Ingall says if you're not touching the walls, you're not driving hard enough. First comes the slow instructional lap with educational commentary. After that Ingall puts his Ford Falcon into a fast lap around the Surfer's Paradise course. Unlike their American Chevrolet Monte… » 4/26/07 4:00pm 4/26/07 4:00pm