SEMA 2007: Twin-Turbo LS1 V7 Super Coupe in Vegas

The night and day efforts of three guys over the course of six months is under the lights here in sin city. Twin turbos on the LS1 helped twist the dyno to to read 1067 horsepower and 980 foot pounds of torque and make the V7 Super Coupe, as Phil from American Super Car put it - a D9 Cat in Corvette clothing. Right… » 10/31/07 4:00pm 10/31/07 4:00pm

SEMA 2007: V7 Super Coupe Rolling to Vegas

The thrashing has ended on one end of the country for the American Super Car crew. With the fiberglass dust finally settled in the shop, the V7 Super Coupe has been loaded onto the transporter and is on its way to sin city for some twin-turbo mid-engine Corvette mayhem at the Meguiar's booth at SEMA. Looks like the old … » 10/26/07 2:15pm 10/26/07 2:15pm

More V7 Super Coupe Build Shots

It's time once again to take a look at a few work-in-progress shots of the V7 Super Coupe. Visualize a twin-turbo Chevrolet LS V-8 and associated plumbing mounted smack in the middle of the car in place of the mockup block. Next imagine the sweet music this engine would make right behind one's noggin. With SEMA right… » 7/17/07 5:00pm 7/17/07 5:00pm