2010 Honda VFR1200 Leaks Months Ahead Of Official Release

The 2010 Honda VFR1200, a technological wonder-bike with close to 200 HP and variable cylinder management, has leaked way ahead of its official unveiling this Fall. What to expect? Huge performance and good fuel economy. [HFL] » 6/25/09 10:30am 6/25/09 10:30am

Oh My: Aprilia V4 Produces 220 Horsepower

It's been the talk among kneedraggers since Aprilia announced its development last year. It's the moto maker's new, 1000 cc V4, and it's giving motorcycle- engine geeks a new reason to engage in cocktail-party speculation. The latest from Aprilia is that the V4 is undergoing durability testing in four tuning stages,… » 10/08/07 8:45am 10/08/07 8:45am