Aston Martin V12 Vantage RS Caught Testing On Nurburgring

Aston Martin continues to tease us with the V12 Vantage RS. This time, it's been spied testing with its 6.0-liter V12 at the Nurburgring. Gone are the bling-bling rims and pop-up rear wing. This tester wears a set of blacked-out wheels and a taller fixed rear spoiler. We're not yet sure when the V12 Vantage will hit… » 4/07/08 10:40am 4/07/08 10:40am

Aston Martin Vantage RS to Get V12 Power

The power thirsty folks at AutoWeek are reporting that the Aston Martin is ready to take on Ferrari with the V12 Vantage RS, which should replace the vanished Vanquish as the brand's top offering. The monster engine is said to be taken from the DBRS9 race car, thereby giving it something in the range of 600 hp, with… » 12/11/07 12:15pm 12/11/07 12:15pm