Audi R8 V12 TDI Le Mans Puts You In A Trance

We can't get enough of this Audi R8 V12 TDI Le Mans Concept. OK, so its not quite on the track or in showrooms just yet. And yes, it's an awfully brilliant "Brilliant Red" paint job on this oil-burning torque monster. However we imagine that when it does hit the streets with all that ground-pounding torque , the world… » 3/04/08 5:15pm 3/04/08 5:15pm

Audi V12 TDI Le Mans Live at the Geneva Motor Show

The Audi V12 TDI Le Mans looks a bit different under the Geneva spotlights than in the press shots, but the nonetheless bad child of the Audi stand still looks ravishing in crimson. The 12-cylinder TDI, producing 500 hp and and 737.56 lb-ft of torque is also a sexy beast of tubage and whirly parts. Its 0-to-62 time of… » 3/04/08 3:10am 3/04/08 3:10am

Detroit Auto Show: Audi R8 To Feature V12 TDI Engine, We Sort Of Called It

When all of those R8 mules started bursting into flames the blogosphere bit down pretty hard on a description from Quattro GmbH that they were packing V10 twin-turbo'd engines. We quickly posted a response from J.F. Musial claiming that we should expect anything but that V10 for the next R8. Thanks to an embargo break… » 1/04/08 10:30am 1/04/08 10:30am