Volvo DRIVe Lineup Coming To Paris, Bringing 60 MPG-Plus Fuel Economy With It

The Paris Motor Show » 9/09/08 12:00pm 9/09/08 12:00pm will see the debut of Volvo's eco-friendly DRIVe models, the sub-120 g/km diesel variants of the C30, S40 and V50. Though lacking in any C02-spewing supercars, Volvo still has to meet mandatory European emissions standards and this new series features a number of clever and straight-forward ways…

Detroit Auto Show: Volvo R-Design XC90 Adds Sporty Style Without Burden of Sporty Performance

Do you drive a Volvo C30, S40, V50 or XC90 and are worried your neighbors don't quite understand you purchased an S40 to show off your commitment to seat-of-your-pants performance? Volvo has the answer in the form of the R-Design line. Vehicles modified with the package get sportier wheels, satin matte-finish grilles,… » 1/15/08 9:45am 1/15/08 9:45am

More Meatballs Please! S40 And V50 Take To The Streets, Cook Up Some Video

For the fans of all things Ikea and meatballs, we've got some more of the all-new S40 and V50 driving around the block. Although there's no background music in the videos, feel free to raise a cooking utensil high in the air, and sing with us: » 4/10/07 1:30pm 4/10/07 1:30pm

Video on the V50's above, and the S40's below the jump.

Swedish Meatball Morning: 2008 Volvo S40 And V50

I was trying to figure out why the automaker from the land of Ikea was serving up two new meatballs this morning named the all-new S40 and V50. Then I realized — who the hell cares? Here's the scoop — although both are still built on Volvo's P1 platform, the message from Volvo is the coupe-styled S40 and it's… » 4/10/07 11:19am 4/10/07 11:19am