TUDOR United SportsCar Championship driver Richard Lietz is being flown back to his native Austria for surgery, after breaking his arm this morning at Virginia International Raceway. His Porsche 911 RSR was hit by the Corvette C7R of Jan Magnussen, after both spun off due to fluids on the track. » 8/23/14 1:54pm 8/23/14 1:54pm

TUSC Racing Was Beautiful In Belle Isle

Take your favorite, most gorgeous, prettiest sports cars in the world. Now make incredible racing versions of those. That's the Tudor United SportsCar Championship, and the race at Belle Isle, Detroit, Michigan was captured in these glorious photos. » 6/03/14 6:36pm 6/03/14 6:36pm

Watch The Spectacular Finish Of Yesterday's TUSC Race In Detroit

Yesterday's Tudor United SportsCar Challenge race in Detroit featured some good racing, as usual, but the final lap was incredible. It was a true brawl for the lead, with banging, bruising, a broken tire, and even a drift or two. You should watch it all right now, starting at 1:38 in the video above. » 6/01/14 1:26pm 6/01/14 1:26pm

Your Sebring 12 Hour Race Day Gallery Is Here

Thought Sebring looked pretty during practice? Here are all the shots from the actual race. And somehow, these cars look even better when they're truly being driven in anger. » 3/16/14 6:02pm 3/16/14 6:02pm

This Is Why You Don't Do Donuts In The Middle Of A Race

First Matteo Mallucelli's incident, and now this. Gaston Kearby decided that the best way to get back on track after spinning out was to spin his wheels some more, and whip out onto the racing line, causing Alex Tagliani to slam into him. What the hell, Gaston Kearby? » 3/15/14 5:37pm 3/15/14 5:37pm

This Is The Third Incident From Sebring Today

The fourth red flag in the Sebring 12 Hour's history is now underway, after a crash at the beginning of the front straight left debris all over the track and a banged-up car at the front of the pit lane. So far this race is very stop-and-go. » 3/15/14 2:38pm 3/15/14 2:38pm

Poor Matteo Mallucelli Can't Catch A Break And Drove Into Traffic

Poor Matteo Malucelli. First he has a big wreck in Daytona, and then he did what you do when merging onto the highway, except he had the visibility of a racecar and no sideview mirror. A crash was the inevitable result. » 3/15/14 1:35pm 3/15/14 1:35pm

The 12 Hours Of Sebring Looks Almost As Good In Pictures

Want to see the race at Sebring, but don't have a TV? Can't watch the full online livestream, for some reason? Well here's a whole bunch of pictures, courtesy of MotorsportMedia, from yesterday's practice. Somehow, the race seems to get prettier and prettier every year. » 3/15/14 10:26am 3/15/14 10:26am

After A Long Sleep, The First Rumbles Of Racing Are Heard At Daytona

While everyone else freezes at home, Florida's gearing up for the upcoming racing season. This weekend marks the Roar Before The 24 at Daytona International Speedway. This is the first look at the new United SportsCar Racing series, and there's no reason to be nervous about it anymore. » 1/05/14 1:13pm 1/05/14 1:13pm

The World Endurance Championship Is A Sham Without A 12 Hour Race

The World Endurance Championship is now holding a six hour race in Austin at the Circuit of the Americas. This is good. They removed the 12 Hours of Sebring from their schedule. This is bad. The WEC has to have a 12 hour race. » 10/14/13 2:08pm 10/14/13 2:08pm

The Future Of American Road Racing is Here, Sort Of.

The unofficial first race of the United SportsCar Racing Series (USCR) is taking place this weekend at Road America. Except, it's not a race. It is largely an open test weekend, with two individual series' racing both today and tomorrow. The GRAND-AM Road Racing Series (GA) and the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) are… » 8/10/13 12:07pm 8/10/13 12:07pm

This Is the New US-Only Porsche Racer

With the consolidation between Grand-Am and ALMS next year, Porsche needed a new cheap customer car to replace the old cars everyone was running this year. Instead of going to the new 2013 Porsche Cup car, we will be getting this with an extra 200cc of displacement. » 8/09/13 6:23pm 8/09/13 6:23pm

Daytona Prototypes - Beastie Boys or Good Vibrations?

Jordan Taylor races Corvettes in the Grand-Am [DP] and ALMS [GTE] as well as makes Music Videos for his racing fans. And he Tweets. After the Indy Grand-Am race, he started a war with fans of ALMS P2 racecars. So, we had him on the /DRIVE /ShakeDown show to....chat. » 8/02/13 3:09pm 8/02/13 3:09pm

How Do You Combine Two Racing Series Into A Single, Awesome One?

How many cooks does it take to bake a brand new racing series? Lots. It's Scot Elkins's job to make sure they don't ruin it. » 7/26/13 2:38pm 7/26/13 2:38pm

Audi May Invade America Through IndyCar

Audi has a tendency to dominate in whatever motor racing endeavor it enters, from rally to LMP racing at Le Mans. The news that Audi is considering entering the IndyCar series, with its famous namesake race, may come as a bit of a worry, then, to Chevrolet and Honda, the current engine suppliers to the series. » 4/14/13 10:50am 4/14/13 10:50am