Bundle a Car Charger and Dash Mount Today for Just $13

In 2014, every car on the road should probably have two USB charging ports at the very minimum, and a good cradle to hold your phone at eye level when you use it as a GPS. If any of your vehicles don't meet these criteria, you can kill two birds with one stone for just $13 today. »8/20/14 9:17am8/20/14 9:17am

Pioneer AVIC-F Series Media, Navigation Systems Features Advanced Voice Recognition

Pioneer has announced a few new additions to its line of car navigation systems. The AVIC-F700BT, AVIC-F900BT and AVIC-F90BT come with features like iPod connectivity, Bluetooth, MSN Direct, HD Radio, XM, Sirius, CD, DVD, USB, SD and more. Although, the real specialness comes from their voice recognition abilities. »4/21/08 1:40pm4/21/08 1:40pm

Visteon: USB Memory Sticks to Replace CD Changers by 2006

Auto industry supplier Visteon reports that USB drives (presumably Flash-based) will begin to replace conventional changers as early as next year. Apparently, the drives will connect to a USB port in the glovebox, so's to stay away from the fidgety hands of meddling drivers who should be keeping their eyes on the… »11/01/05 11:47pm11/01/05 11:47pm