Where The Hell Is America's Next Great Sports Venue?

Formula One racing is a sport associated with a certain kind of wealthy international traveler — someone who charters a yacht to enjoy the Monaco Grand Prix. Boy aren't they going to be surprised later this year when they travel to the newest F1 race — in a town on the outskirts of Austin so culturally remote their… » 2/09/12 12:00pm 2/09/12 12:00pm

Construction resumes at Austin F1 track

Peering out across a wooden platform at the end of what's supposed to be Turn 1 it's difficult to believe this muddy collection of roads will soon be a world-class Formula 1 circuit (slightly less difficult to believe than two weeks ago). Yet the crews are on-site and construction of the Circuit of the Americas (CoTA)… » 12/21/11 4:00pm 12/21/11 4:00pm

David Coulthard talks donuts, breakfast tacos, and F1 in the U.S.

The Texas hill country was alive with the sounds of a Formula One V10 this past weekend as racing superstar and F1 commentator David Coulthard shredded tires of the Red Bull F1 showcar on the streets of Austin. Jalopnik had a chance to talk to Coulthard and get his impressions of F1 in the United States and breakfast… » 8/24/11 4:30pm 8/24/11 4:30pm