Ford Sells More And More Explorer Police Interceptors, Fewer And Fewer Taurus Police Interceptors

Since becoming available in March 2012, 64% of the Police Interceptors sold by Ford in the United States were Explorer Police Interceptor Utilities. U.S. sales othe Taurus Police Interceptor Sedan declined in 6% in calendar year 2014, fell a further 5% in 2015, and are down 2% through the first three months of 2016.


Mustang Performing Well In U.S., Destroying Rivals In Canada

It’s not at all surprising to see the Ford Mustang achieving impressive sales figures in its American home market. Through the first five months of 2015, Ford has sold 56,571 Mustangs in the U.S., a 55% year-over-year increase. That 20,000-unit improvement compared with the first five months of 2014 has stopped…

Bored Yet? U.S. Subcompact Crossover Sales Jumped 95% In May 2015

Well documented already this month were the U.S. sales results from the Honda HR-V’s first (abbreviated) month on the market. 6381 HR-Vs were sold in America in May, 674 more than the Chevrolet Trax managed in its best month yet, nearly 2000 sales more than the Jeep Renegade achieved in its second full month in…