Intense Air-To-Air Intercepts Off The Coast of US, Russia & China

It is really amazing how much tensions have increased among major powers over the last year, and this reality has manifested itself in newsmaking air-to-air intercepts now occurring regularly around the globe. Just last week, three major intercepts made national news, all of which were unique in their own right. »6/13/14 7:19pm6/13/14 7:19pm


Astras in America: Opel Club Meets GM's German Saturns, or Vice Versa

Our new buddy Will happened on an Opel party somewhere in the Golden State, where a group of classic Opel GT owners got to eyeball GM's Germanic B-car, the Astra — in hatch and retractable hardtop versions. As you know already, the Astra will be coming to the US as an entry-level Saturn sometime later this year. »1/29/07 12:35pm1/29/07 12:35pm

Hurry Up and Wait: DaimlerChrysler Won't Decide on US Smart Before 2006

A zen koan for you: What is news about no news? A DCX official said the company won't decide whether or not to build a Smart car for the US market before sometime next year. In the meantime, a team of business strategists will finish reviewing Smart's sales and marketing network, and the company will likely develop a… »12/20/05 12:46pm12/20/05 12:46pm