More on the Urge: Nissan's Concept for Videogame Junkies

Nissan's Urge concept, advance shots of which we posted yesterday, isn't just a toylike roadster, it's also a fully equipped simulation controller for the Xbox 360. According to a Nissan executive, the company surveyed 2000 "echo boomers," the genetic offspring of baby boomers born between 1982 and 1995, who say… »12/29/05 8:15am12/29/05 8:15am

Urge Underkill?: Nissan Releases Photo of Three-seat Concept

Following up on the sketch it released earlier this month, Nissan released a photo of its three-seat Urge concept, which will debut in Detroit. A youth-oriented plus-one roadster (i.e., with a mother-in-law seat) built from aluminum and carbon fiber, the Urge sports such novelties as scissor doors, F1-style steering… »12/28/05 8:41am12/28/05 8:41am