Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion Diesel Claims 62 MPG Without Fancy Electric Motors

The new Volkswagen Golf BlueMotion Diesel claims to return 62 MPG (US); in comparison, when measured using the same European combined cycle, the 2008 Toyota Prius gets 54 MPG. That's right: Using nothing but a thrifty diesel engine, low-rolling resistance tires, a revised gearbox and minor aerodynamic improvements,… »9/08/08 9:30am9/08/08 9:30am


2009 BMW 335d Diesel Testing In U.S., Features Bluetec-Style Peeburner

Reports that the US market will be getting the new diesel BMW 3-series have gained additional credibility with this 2009 BMW 335d sedan spotted testing on our shores. It's no secret that modern European turbo diesels are wonders of efficiency and low-end torque; the BMW oilburner is no different, producing 425 lb-ft… »6/24/08 10:00am6/24/08 10:00am

Who Fills the Pee Tank? Success of Mercedes' US Diesels Depends on Urea Maintenance

Just when did the aha moment come to Mercedes engineers? Who was the first to say, "Hey, why can't we just scrub diesel exhaust with a pee sprayer"? Then again, the Krebs-Henseleit cycle really does sound like something that would go on inside a German car. But however the technology was developed, the urea-injection… »9/26/06 9:43am9/26/06 9:43am