​Live Your Cosmonaut Fantasies With This MIR-Replica Sidecar

Ever wanted to sail through space on an mechanically unsound rust bucket while drinking Vodka from a sippy cup? Now you can! This MIR replica Ural sidecar pays homage to the pioneering Soviet space station. » 10/21/14 2:38pm 10/21/14 2:38pm

​Dogs And Sidecars, A Match Made In Motorcycle Heaven

Problem: If you subscribe to the Ron Swanson school of thought on dogs — anything under 50lbs is actually a cat — yours won't fit on a motorcycle. Solution: Get a sidecar! » 5/28/14 2:23pm 5/28/14 2:23pm

What Were Those Awesome Sidecars In The Sochi Olympic Opening Ceremony

What are those crazy three-wheeled contraptions rolling around the Sochi Olympics opening ceremony? Why, nothing less than the result of technology sharing between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. The best part? You can still buy one brand-new today. » 2/07/14 5:05pm 2/07/14 5:05pm

Inside an abandoned Siberian Soviet military factory

This thing? I found it inside an abandoned square-mile Soviet-era military factory in Siberia. It would have worn a gas mask to help illustrate to workers proper safety protocols upon nuclear war with America. Now, it's just another artifact of the USSR's once mighty military machine. » 12/07/11 2:30pm 12/07/11 2:30pm

Riding sidecars in the frozen Siberian winter

Back in July, I rolled a Ural sidecar into a ditch off road and pretty much snapped my left wrist in half. Last week, I rode one for the first time since that accident. In Siberia. In the snow. In sub-zero temperatures. Was it scary? Absolutely. But no other vehicle could have gotten me here. » 12/02/11 12:00pm 12/02/11 12:00pm

Russian SUVs with amazing Northern Lights

Give us enough time and we can figure out a way for Russian SUVs to make a Car Porn appearance. This amazing picture of the Northern Lights was captured during a Russian SUV expedition from Yakutia to the Taymyr Peninsula. » 6/04/11 12:30pm 6/04/11 12:30pm

IMZ Ural Motorcycle With Sidecar

Welcome to Down On The Street, where we admire old vehicles found parked on the streets of the Island That Rust Forgot: Alameda, California. I don't know much about motorcycles, but I do know that we need more Russian vehicles! » 5/29/10 9:00am 5/29/10 9:00am

The Award For Loudest Use Of A Ural 375D Goes To: Power Acoustik Sub…

Imagine you have a Ural 375D at your disposal — basically the Soviet version of the deuce and a half. What do you do with it? If you're sound equipment manufacturer Power Acoustik, you stack it so high with subwoofers, amps and horns, astronauts in orbit can listen in to your books on tape. The tail end of this thing… » 7/03/08 4:00pm 7/03/08 4:00pm

In Russia, Geely Assembles YOU for a Happy Life!

Hiho! The people at Geely have nailed down a contract with former ZIL unit Automobile and Motors of Ural to assemble semi-knocked-down examples of their CK sedan for sale on the Russian market. While we'd rather have a Niva or a vintage Volga than a CK, we do find it a bit humorous that analyist Kirill Chuiko… » 3/16/07 12:00am 3/16/07 12:00am


We're not sure of this is necessarily cooler than the Gold Wing tow truck. In the Gold Wing's defense, it does have a ridiculously cool Honda six. In the Ural's case, it's got a pickup bed and it's Russian. Which probably means it wins. We're not quite sure, but who can resist a Russian Trikeamino? Really now.… » 6/14/06 7:00pm 6/14/06 7:00pm