2015 Ural Sidecar Review: WWII Soviet Tech On (And Off) The Road Today

A sidecar isn’t like any other vehicle. The design dates back to pre-WWII technology sharing between the Nazis and Soviet Union and the bikes are still made in the same factory that was located out of bomber range way out on the Siberian steppe. This is what they’re like to ride today. »6/23/15 4:39pm6/23/15 4:39pm

The Award For Loudest Use Of A Ural 375D Goes To: Power Acoustik Sub Truck

Imagine you have a Ural 375D at your disposal — basically the Soviet version of the deuce and a half. What do you do with it? If you're sound equipment manufacturer Power Acoustik, you stack it so high with subwoofers, amps and horns, astronauts in orbit can listen in to your books on tape. The tail end of this thing… »7/03/08 4:00pm7/03/08 4:00pm