Ferrari Formula One Car Has A Dick Butt In UPS Logo [Update: It's Gone]

UPS opened up a can of worms when they decided to do a photo mosaic for their logo. The idea was to use fans' Facebook photos as the background. Of course, someone had Dick Butt (which is a doodle of exactly what it sounds like) as their photo. Now Dick Butt will take a glorious ride aboard the Ferrari SF15-T. … » 4/10/15 4:36pm 4/10/15 4:36pm

Is This The Worst Automotive Facelift On A Vehicle You'll Never Own?

UPS trucks (technically, they call them "package cars." I bet they call fortune cookies "book crackers," too) are one of those common sorts of vehicles that just blends into the surrounding environment. Big, useful rolling turds bringing us our Hoagie of the Month Club selections and car parts we got off eBay. But… » 3/12/15 9:45pm 3/12/15 9:45pm

Watch the crazy activity of a UPS truck parking lot during the holidays

We're at the peak of the busiest delivery season of the year. To prove how mad it is, Animal New York recorded this insane 24-hour time-lapse of a UPS parking lot packed with truck trailers behind its office in Hell's Kitchen—"Due to space constraints, this plays out like an real life game of Tetris." » 12/20/13 11:51am 12/20/13 11:51am

UPS Truck Turns Over A Million Miles In 22 Years

The odometer on Bret Boyd's big brown 1987 GMC rolled over to show all zeros recently. It was just another routine day in the same vehicle he's been behind the wheel of for his 22 years — as a UPS driver in East Texas. During that time the truck has reportedly gone through at least three engines and been repainted the… » 9/05/08 3:00pm 9/05/08 3:00pm

UPS Hearts Greenwashing, Adds CNG Trucks to Alt-Fuel Fleet

In a courageous example of marketing, UPS has distributed another 167 compressed natural gas vehicles to its fleets in Texas, Georgia, and California. This brings the total number of CNG vehicles deployed to around 950, and the total green fleet number to 1692 in their army of over 88,000 ground vehicles. While… » 4/04/08 10:40am 4/04/08 10:40am

UPS to Infuriate NASCAR, Eliminate Left Turns

What's worse that a big, brown and ugly truck clogging up the streets everyday? Probably a big, brown and ugly truck constantly moving through traffic and clogging up the street. There are 95,000 UPS trucks out everyday and soon they will be drastically reducing the amount of left turns, focusing the delivery routes… » 12/17/07 9:45am 12/17/07 9:45am