LA Auto Show Preview: Volkswagen Space Up! Blue Plug-in Hybrid

For the Los Angeles show, Volkswagen's ubiquitous new minicar concept, dubbed Up!, alights the hybrid bandwagon (bandwagen?). It's a version of the more spacious Space Up! from the Tokyo auto show, powered by a novel fuel-cell hybrid drive system with solar support. The system's an outgrowth of VW's research in gas… »11/14/07 7:02am11/14/07 7:02am

Fuel-Cell Version of VW Space Up! Concept Head to Los Angeles?

Volkswagen's awfully serious about its new Up! concept becoming a cognitive itch — the vehicular equivalent to "My Sharona." That's largely because the Up! is a prototypical standard-bearer for for the company's plan to retake the world's budget-car market. Now, we hear from Carscoop V-dub will show a hydrogen… »11/12/07 11:15am11/12/07 11:15am

Tokyo Motor Show: Volkswagen Space Up! Concept Car

Here in Tokyo, V-Dub's just revealed a new version of it's Up! concept car revealed last month during the Frankfurt Auto Show. Unlike the last one, a micro-car measuring a minuscule 3.45 meters, this one's giant. And by giant, we mean it's 3.68 meters long. Yes, yes, it's ginormous — exactly 23 centimeters longer than… »10/23/07 11:30pm10/23/07 11:30pm

Frankfurt Auto Show: Volkswagen Stands Up! For A Live Reveal

We're here live at the official reveal for the Volkswagen Up! concept car which we've been told is being sold by VW as "like a new Beetle" with it's projected 67 MPG or higher fuel economy rating. Sorry for the low quality of these first shots, we'll move in for the kill in a few moments — keep checking back here… »9/11/07 5:26am9/11/07 5:26am

Frankfurt Auto Show: Volkswagen Reveals "Up!" Concept Car Sketch On German TV

Last night the above commercial called "Das Auto" was shown here on German TV before an expected announcement today, one day before the Frankfurt Auto Show, of a new Smart-fighting concept car called the "Up!" Yes, that's an exclamation point in the name of the concept car, and no, we've no idea why it's there.… »9/10/07 2:30am9/10/07 2:30am