Formula One To Change Qualifying Format And Yellow Flag Rules At COTA

Two changes are coming to the Formula One United States Grand Prix. The FIA will change the F1 qualifying format in response to Marussia and Caterham's absence, and the series plans to test a yellow flag speed limit. » 10/31/14 7:00am 10/31/14 7:00am

The Granddaddy Of All Porsche Support Series Is Coming To Texas

For the first time in history, Porsche Supercup's final race of the season is in the United States. Better yet, an American team will be racing in it. If you're a fan of GT3 Cup, consider this a Cup race on steroids. It's Porsche's flagship development series for new talent, and it's here. HOLY CRAP YES. » 10/30/14 2:24pm 10/30/14 2:24pm

What To Do In Austin For Formula One Weekend

Want to get up close and personal with your favorite F1-related personalities, or perhaps hang out with other car nerds? We've got your back, plus Halloween in Austin is always a party. Here are the other events in Austin related to this week's United States Grand Prix. » 10/29/14 7:00am 10/29/14 7:00am

The Jalopnik Guide To Pooping At The United States Grand Prix

If you're coming to Circuit of the Americas for the United States Grand Prix, welcome! We're here to answer the most burning question that no one's ever tackled in a local guide: where's the best place to go to the bathroom at the track? » 10/28/14 1:30pm 10/28/14 1:30pm

Marussia Formula One Team Enters Administration; Will Miss Austin Race

Marussia joins Caterham as the second Formula One team to enter into administration due to financial difficulties. Because of this, the administrators over the team confirmed today that Marussia will be missing the United States Grand Prix. » 10/27/14 8:04pm 10/27/14 8:04pm

The Next Two F1 Races Will Likely Have The Smallest Grid Since 2005

Cars are en route to Austin for the United States Grand Prix, and per Bernie Ecclestone, two teams are missing from the shipment: Caterham and Marussia. Only nine teams and eighteen cars will make the USGP the smallest Formula One grid since 2005. » 10/25/14 11:07am 10/25/14 11:07am

F1 Technical on Oppo - American Grand Prix

Welcome to OppositeLock's own Formula 1 open technical discussion! The one thing that separates Formula 1 from any other motorsport is the absurd level of engineering and aerodynamic advancement that the teams push on each other, and we are here to appreciate, discuss, and revel in the beauty of design on the current… » 11/16/13 7:50pm 11/16/13 7:50pm

What The Hell Is Going On With Tickets For The US Grand Prix?

It's the week before the United States Grand Prix—do you know where your tickets are? Lucky you, then. Until I got my tickets late yesterday, I thought mine were wherever Kimi's paycheck is—completely missing in action. Other fans? Not so lucky. » 11/08/13 2:40pm 11/08/13 2:40pm

The F1 Drivers' Parade Will Feature Classic 'Merican Muscle Cars

In honor of Formula One's return to the United States, the race's drivers will make their parade lap on steely American chariots glistening in the cool Austin sun. Vettel will take the pole in a 1962 Chevy Corvette with his teammate Mark Webber in a 1971 Buick GS400. » 11/18/12 10:50am 11/18/12 10:50am

Everything You Need To Know For Today's Formula One United States Grand…

After years of waiting and expecting it to never happen, it's here: Today is race day at the Circuit of the Americas for the first United States Grand Prix since 2007. » 11/18/12 10:00am 11/18/12 10:00am

The 50 Formula One Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

In order to prepare for the Austin F1 race this weekend, we recommended that you log onto Twitter and start following some teams and journalists in order to get all the behind the scenes info. » 11/15/12 3:00pm 11/15/12 3:00pm

This Is The Westboro Baptist Church's Bizarro Reason For Protesting In…

The Westboro Baptist Church are the sensible folks best known for their controversial and basically hateful treatment of the homosexual community, dead soldiers, Jewish institutions, and we assume sunlight and happiness. » 11/14/12 3:00pm 11/14/12 3:00pm

How Will You Be Watching This Weekend's United States Grand Prix?

The Formula One circus is returning to America for the first time in five years this weekend when they hit the track in Austin, Texas. » 11/13/12 2:15pm 11/13/12 2:15pm

How To Watch An F1 Race If You're A Clueless American

Formula One, the world's premiere motorsport, is returning to the United States this weekend after a five year absence. Watching F1 is different than watching any other form of motorsport. It's faster. It's technical-er. And to the outsider, it's boring-er. » 11/13/12 2:00pm 11/13/12 2:00pm

The Cheapest Seat For The U.S. Grand Prix Is $159

Tickets for the United States Grand Prix in Austin went on sale today on Ticketmaster and on the COTA website. They tickets are expensive, but relatively cheap for what you get. » 6/05/12 4:00pm 6/05/12 4:00pm

How To Get A Free Trackside Seat At Austin's New Formula 1 Race

Formula One is making its triumphant return to the Unites States this November, and we know how you can get trackside at the United States Grand Prix without paying a dime. There's just one catch. » 4/06/12 12:30pm 4/06/12 12:30pm

How To Get Tickets For Austin's F1 U.S. Grand Prix

Tickets are now on sale for the 2012 U.S. Grand Prix to be held at the rapidly-forming Circuit of the Americas in Austin this November. Sort of. Right now you can get on the wait list to buy the nice tickets. » 1/23/12 1:30pm 1/23/12 1:30pm

The U.S. Grand Prix is on for 2012

From dead in the water to fit as a fiddle in a single stroke of a pen, Circuit of The Americas management says the track and its United States Grand Prix are now a "go" for 2012. » 12/07/11 10:00am 12/07/11 10:00am

This was not a fatal crash

A moment of photographic brilliance and bloodcurdling terror from the 1914 American Grand Prize in Santa Monica shows the sheer violence of the early days of motor racing, which, in this dramatic and fortunate case, did not turn out to be deadly. » 8/16/11 3:30pm 8/16/11 3:30pm

BREAKING: Formula 1 Coming To Austin

The U.S. Grand Prix is back. Austin, Texas will serve as the host city of the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix from 2012 through 2021 in a purpose-built facility. » 5/25/10 1:30pm 5/25/10 1:30pm