The Cops Involved In This Crash Came Away With Only Minor Injuries

Two constables of the Wiltshire Police's Roads Policing Unit in the United Kingdom (obviously) manage to escape with only minor injuries after their Audi was absolutely wrecked by another. After looking at this picture, I would say "ouch," but I suppose that's not really applicable anymore. » 4/13/14 4:40pm 4/13/14 4:40pm

James Bond Can Now Break The Speed Limit In Britain, Legally

It's often said that real-life spy work is nothing like being James Bond. James Bond is all about shooting things and explosions and women and car chases, which is supposedly not real spy work. But with a new change in law, that last bit may just become reality, because British spies are now allowed to break the speed… » 1/12/14 1:38pm 1/12/14 1:38pm

The UK Is About to Connect an Entire Highway to the Internet

Imagine a future where your car's not just connected to the road between the tire rubber and tarmac. It's connected to the internet and not only sending a steady stream of data but also receiving signals to speed up or slow down based on the traffic. This futuristic future is already here. » 10/02/13 7:29pm 10/02/13 7:29pm