The Unicat Amerigo International Is Good For Regular, Zombie Or Financiapocalypse

The folks over at UnicatAmericas »10/23/08 8:00am10/23/08 8:00am are no stranger to the idea of and have sent over a nomination for their International-based Unicat as a proper vehicle for surviving the , which may require some to , and the Zombie apocalypse, which presents . This particular survival vehicle has a 2,000-mile range and carries…


UNICAT All-Terrain "Land Yacht" Will Take You Anywhere, Do Anything

Mahalo Daily got a little face time with the UNICAT, an all-terrain, go-anywhere RV. This is really the love child of an RV and a tank. It comes with a 16-speed ZF gearbox, 480hp engine, queen-size bed, attachable "escape vehicle," deployable motorized raft, air conditioning, electric generator, full range of kitchen… »2/07/08 2:00pm2/07/08 2:00pm