It's So Hot, Driver Liam Dwyer Stripped Down To His Undies In The Pits

Television, schmelevision. Liam Dwyer was done with clothes after being lifted out of his car during today’s Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge race at Circuit of the Americas. It’s hot and humid and let’s be honest, if the rest of us thought we could get away with that, we’d be down to our undies, too.
»9/18/15 8:43pm9/18/15 8:43pm


Are You Wearing Underwear? IndyCar's Scott Dixon Would Rather You Didn't

Let’s face it—an IndyCar that brings TP for my bunghole is the answer to all of my hopes and dreams. Now, IndyCar sponsor Cottonelle thinks their toilet paper is so good at wiping poo from your nether regions that they’ve asked driver Scott Dixon to ask if you’re going commando.
»7/09/15 5:45pm7/09/15 5:45pm