LA Auto Show Explosion: Holy Fucking Shit! DR. BEZ SITS ON A CAR!!!

You weren't there, so you won't understand, BUT, Ulrich spent a full two-minutes of his seven-minute speech explaining that no one, save James Bond, should ever sit on one of his beautiful cars. However, die Bez explained that the DB9 ragtop was actually designed so you can sit on the tonneau cover. And then he sat on… » 11/29/06 7:40pm 11/29/06 7:40pm

Aston Martin Rapide Bows in Detroit

Who loves the dogs? Bez loves the dogs! Ulrich Bez and Henrik Fisker-replacement-unit Marek Reichman delivered the the new Aston Rapide four-door during Ford's Premier Automotive Group presentation this afternoon and brought along some canine friends for an impromptu Westminster re-enactment. We're not sure if the dog… » 1/09/06 2:03pm 1/09/06 2:03pm