Rafale And Typhoon Fighters Descend On U.S. For Inaugural Anti-Access Exercise 

The French Air Force and Royal Air Force have sent their finest equipment and crews to Langley AFB in Virginia to take part in an inaugural exercise, dubbed simply “Trilateral Exercise,” alongside the 1st Fighter Wing’s F-22 Raptors. This international air combat force will focus on integrated training for taking on…


British Prime Minister Will Hitch Rides On Flying Gas Station To Save Money

The British government is tightening their belts by giving up Prime Minister David Cameron’s private jet charters and shuttling him around in a Voyager A330 mid-air refueling aircraft. The British “Air Force One” equivalent will still be used to fuel up fighters when it’s not transporting VIPs.

Nowhere Under the Sea Is Safe from Britain's Newest Nuclear Submarine

Russia isn't the only nation launching a nuclear sub hunter after two decades of development. The UK recently rolled the third of seven £1 billion Astute Class nuclear submarines, the HMS Artful, out of its cavernous dry dock for a year of demanding sea trials and a quarter century of service beneath the seas.