What the hell is this strange UFO ejecting an orb filmed in California?

This unidentified flying object was captured on video over Southern California. The UFO—which is producing a corkscrew tail that seems to indicate rotational movement—ejects some round thing that flies into another direction at a faster speed than the object itself. What can it all be? » 1/05/15 5:31pm 1/05/15 5:31pm

Fantastical illustrations of airships from the early 20th century

Charles Dellschau was a butcher, but after his retirement in 1899, he became an artist, laboring over intricate collages and illustrations of flying machines. He filled notebooks with gorgeous, multicolored airship designs and mysterious, coded records of the "Sonora Aero Club." » 6/30/13 1:35pm 6/30/13 1:35pm

What's the Weirdest Thing You've Ever Witnessed?

During the El Nino of 1998 I was driving with my friend in his full-on amazing 1961 Buick from San Francisco down to Sunnyvale. And the rain was coming down in buckets. Big, wet, mean buckets. Visibility was abysmal, if that. Suddenly, out of the upper right corner of the windshield we saw.this spinning light. And it… » 5/18/07 12:00pm 5/18/07 12:00pm