Is There Anyone Who Doesn't Find This Car Incredibly Ugly?

I don’t want this to be an attack on the designers/builders of this car, Ferrite Motors. They seem to be an India-based custom coachworks shop, and I bear them no ill will. I even sort of like some of the things they’ve done with Nanos. But this one car, the Crunk, I can’t imagine a context where it’s not ugly. Am I… »7/28/15 10:00pm7/28/15 10:00pm

The Ten Ugliest Cars Sold Outside The United States

We've already shown you our list of the ten ugliest cars currently sold in the United States. Although epic, it meant exclusion of some fantastically ugly cars sold only on the international marketplace. Until now. After scouring the globe from Australia to Russia, these are the ten top cars that make us want to run… »7/25/08 12:00pm7/25/08 12:00pm

The Ten Ugliest Cars Currently Sold In The United States

Automakers spend lots of time and money designing, redesigning and test marketing their new vehicles to make certain they'll capture a potential buyer's imagination. It doesn't always work. We asked you just days ago if new cars were getting uglier and there was no real consensus, but one look at this list of the… »7/23/08 12:00pm7/23/08 12:00pm

Neck-Mounted Bluetooth Headset Won't Make You A Beauty Pageant Winner

By now you should be well aware of the cellphone usage laws for your state, but if you can't bear wearing a Bluetooth headset on your ear, there are other options. This takes the traditional Bluetooth headset and turns it into a god-awful ugly neck-mounted contraption is that will draw more blank stares than if you… »2/29/08 1:45pm2/29/08 1:45pm

The Retrun of Schadenfriday! The Bad, The Worst and The Hideous...

We dare you, man. We frigging double-dog dare you to find an uglier... thing. We love Subarus around here as much as the next McRae, but the SVX — despite its maximum hoonage potential — has always put the ugly into fugging ugly. Some Scoobie-coupe owning bozo has apparently grafted the spare tire carrier from a Gel… »12/08/06 1:59pm12/08/06 1:59pm