Mas Junk In Die Trunk: Volkswagen Type III Fastback Commercial

You have to admire VW's brass for using the diminutive Dustin Hoffman (supposedly 5'5" standing on his wallet) to show off how big their new car is. That guy made the Duetto look roomy. Still, we dig his semi-Beat parlance and rapid fire delivery. The car, as it happens, is pretty jazzy, too. The fedora gets tipped… »5/30/07 3:30pm5/30/07 3:30pm

It Lives! Preliminary Road Test Of The Rebuilt Karmann Ghia Type III

Oh happy day! Nearly 11 months since we first became involved in the rebuild, our pal Scott's 1962 Volkswagen 1500 left the garage. Actually, it was motoring about the day before we showed up to snap picks and drive it. Only we were out of town. Still, and you will agree if have rebuilt a car, that first drive is… »5/30/07 12:15pm5/30/07 12:15pm

Forget Schadenfriday: Modded VW 1500 Rules the Divine!!

First of all, YES!!!! Second, just yesterday we were listening to comrade Scott kvetch about not wanting to paint his Type III black. How about black with a white roof we said. Yes, that's a factory option Scott replied, but he'd look like the fuzz. After we ran through all the OEM colors and Scott explained how red… »1/19/07 10:50am1/19/07 10:50am

Magnesium und Shteel und Sans-Serif: 1961 Volkswagen 1500 Ad Campaign

Buddy Scott has been blogging up a storm over on what was supposed to be a restoration chronicle of his Type III but instead has turned into (probably) the most complete site on teh interwebs for all things VW 1500. So be it. We find this particular entry fascinating cause we dig old car ads so much. Essentially, and… »1/10/07 3:39am1/10/07 3:39am

What in the Gasgacinch? 1962 VW 1500 Karmann-Ghia Restoration Blog in Full Effect

Buddy Scott is making slow but steady progress on the rebuild of his totally rare Type III. So much progress in fact he had to start a blog. And while the vehicle in question may be lacking the ALUMINUM UND SHTEEL! found in modern Deutsche-coupes, Scott's blog is indeed highly precise. How highly precise? »12/07/06 9:15am12/07/06 9:15am