21-Window Volkswagen Transporter Braves Downtown San Francisco

After I was caught in a camera-challenged condition when spotting the '70 Fiat 500 near my office in San Francisco's South of Market neighborhood and was forced to use the 640x480 so-called camera in my cellphone, I resolved to start carrying a real camera at all times. Naturally, I totally spaced on the camera thing… »4/07/08 2:00pm4/07/08 2:00pm

The Lowest Daily-Driven VW Transporter You Could Possibly Imagine

Now, most of the time when I tell people I see a Type 2 driving around town with maybe two inches of ground clearance (if that), they assume the old bus has some sort of airbag suspension and can be raised up to clear driveways, speed bumps, lines painted on the road, etc. Nein! The utter madman who drives this… »10/12/07 9:15am10/12/07 9:15am

Project Car Hell: Turbo Corvaired Bus or Cosworth + GT Vegas?

In our last Project Car Hell, the Mazda Rotary Pickup stomped the RX-4 Wagon by a huge three-to-one margin, no doubt because we're all suckers for unfixable little trucks with a huge ROTARY POWERED sign on the tailgate. But forget all about Rotary Hell, because now we've got a couple- actually a trio- of real gems for… »8/22/07 5:30pm8/22/07 5:30pm