Watch This Brit Biker Hilariously Scold A Kid That Threw A Rock At Him

Kids can be right little pieces of crap, especially when they're bored and when they start chucking rocks at passing bikers. So when this kid chucked a stone at what sounds like a passing Scotsman, it was only right and proper that he gave him a right thorough talking to, in the most Scottish way possible. Which is a… » 1/04/15 12:02pm 1/04/15 12:02pm

Every Honda Cub Should Have A 15-Shot Of NOS

Sometimes adding another 100cc to a Honda Cub just isn't enough. The developing world's chariot of choice needs more. Pip Davidson answered that call, taking a cue from the Honda tuning world with his 1967 Cub 90 by adding a 24-hp Daytona Animal engine and then – just for good measure – a 15-shot of nitrous. And a… » 12/24/14 9:07pm 12/24/14 9:07pm