Watch Me Talk Hipster Bikes And Lifted Pickups With Local Motors

Local Motors was a little sad when we teased them about the goofy hipsteriness of their power-assisted bicycles, so they asked me over to their headquarters in Chandler, AZ to play with their toys and talk trucks. Didn't really make sense to me either, but who turns down an invite to a warehouse full of sweet vehicles? » 1/29/14 4:45pm 1/29/14 4:45pm

Heartbreaking Moment as Paulo Gonçalves's Bike Burns During Dakar

Well, that is a heartbreaking moment. Today's Stage 5 was so hot, that race officials shortened the stage for bikes and quads.
Several riders had issues with their bikes over heating, but Paulo's bike lit on fire and was a total loss. All he can do is stand by and cry as his dreams for this year's event come to a… » 1/10/14 9:58am 1/10/14 9:58am

Sebastien Loeb Just Beat Most of his Competitors in a Motorcycle Race

Is there anything this man can't do? At this point, the answer is a resounding non. At yesterday's Scorpion Masters tournament, Loeb went on to beat professional motorcyclists at their own game. Among those competing were David Checa, Loris Baz, Antoine Meo, and my favorite enduro rider, David Knight. » 12/01/13 3:35pm 12/01/13 3:35pm

American Motorcyclist Proves That Two Wheels Can Actually Be Good

The United States of America is a country commonly known around the world as "Canada's Pants," but it doesn't often like to let Canada show it up on the world stage. After a Canadian motorcycling hero rescued his fellow countryman, an American had to do the same. And it was great. » 11/03/13 10:05am 11/03/13 10:05am

Interviews from the Subculture: Ryan Automatic

Stanced and lowered cars are pretty common on the roads these days. But even just a few years ago, seeing an e30 dragging its ass would have been a rare sight. The proliferation of car parts and modifications to get cars lower than should be possible is only making it easier for enthusiasts to get low. Some people… » 9/13/13 10:29am 9/13/13 10:29am