The Ariel Ace Is Basically The Adult Lego Set Of Your Motorcycle Dreams

"That's not the motorcycle I want," you think, about the new Ariel Ace. "That's rubbish, it's got the wrong forks and the wrong seats, and the wrong handlebars, and the wrong wheels. It's wrong, wrong, wrong." Well, good news, because Ariel has another bike for you. And it's also called the Ariel Ace. » 6/25/14 9:28am 6/25/14 9:28am

This Prototype Motorcycle Represented A Gloriously Backwards Future

Back in the 1930s, design was totally unrestricted. You want a streamlined motorcycle? No problem. You want the engine mounted in the front wheel? No problem. You want spiral exhausts? No problem. You want all that in one package? With the Killinger und Freund Motorrad, it was no problem at all. » 6/21/14 1:30pm 6/21/14 1:30pm

​I'm Incredibly Afraid Of This 218 MPH Electric Bike

There's a difference between building a motorcycle in your shed and bringing an electric hyper-bike to market. Lighting is somewhere in between. They've got racing victories and investment and what seems like solid tech, but there's still a "guy in a garage" vibe that doesn't mesh with my survival instincts at 200… » 5/22/14 2:00pm 5/22/14 2:00pm