Introducing Invites, A New Feature We Just Added To Jalopnik

We're going to continue to roll out new features on the site designed to encourage conversation, and one of the projects I've most been excited about has just been added to Jalopnik. As of now, you can invite people into a conversation via Twitter through our "invites" project. » 4/10/14 12:13pm 4/10/14 12:13pm

Someone Is Tweeting Top Gun One Frame At A Time

If you've got, I don't know, a couple months nine years to kill with nothing else to do, start following @555uhz on Twitter. That person will let you watch Top Gun for free, just as long as you don't mind watching it without sound — and about a frame at a time. » 2/18/14 10:40am 2/18/14 10:40am

Crash Pics: Tesla Model S vs. Generic Euro Compact

» 2/15/14 6:48pm 2/15/14 6:48pm

Last August, Tesla's Model S sedan aced the NHTSA's crash safety tests with a perfect, 5-star score in every category. The results prompted Tesla Motors' PR department to start hyping the car as "the safest car ever tested". It seems like someone in Europe didn't get the message, however, and decided to ram themselves… » 2/15/14 6:48pm 2/15/14 6:48pm

Brilliant Wackos Are Acting Out "Back To The Future" On Twitter

Look, Marty McFly isn't coming back until 2015. But that doesn't mean we can't have some BTTF fun right now! The movie started out on October 25th, 1985, and last night, some brilliant wackos marked the anniversary by kicking off a real-time reenactment — on Twitter. » 10/27/13 1:42pm 10/27/13 1:42pm

Ousted Exec Uses Retweets To Passive-Aggressively Slam Old Bosses

You've just been forced out of your position at a company your family founded and has run for generations. You don't want to say anything you'll regret later but you're clearly steaming. What do you do? If you're Charles Morgan you just go nuclear using Twitter's retweet function to let others say what you think you… » 10/16/13 1:23pm 10/16/13 1:23pm

Mini Gets In On Some Of That Hot Anthony Weiner Action

Anthony Weiner, for those who don't know, is a man running for Mayor of New York City. Anthony Weiner, for those who don't know, is also a man with a very serious problem. Good thing, then, that we have the fine folks at Mini around to mock him on the Internet. » 7/27/13 10:00am 7/27/13 10:00am