106 Indicted in Waco Twin Peaks Biker Shootout With More Still to Come, Prosecutors Say

On Tuesday, a grand jury handed down 106 felony indictments in the Waco, Texas, biker shootout that left nine people dead and 18 wounded, the New York Times reports. Central Texas prosecutors say they will seek to indict the rest of the 177 people arrested that day. »11/12/15 9:18am11/12/15 9:18am


Cops Release Video of Insane Biker Gang Restaurant Shootout That Left Nine Dead

In May of this year, a shootout took place at Waco, Texas restaurant Twin Peaks, involving police and as many as five separate biker gangs. The violence claimed the lives of nine gang members (and the restaurant) and injured 18 others. CNN obtained security video of the incident, which ended in 177 arrests, and… »10/29/15 7:30pm10/29/15 7:30pm