2010 Lincoln MKT EcoBoost: First Drive

The 2010 Lincoln MKT is a new kind of vehicle for Lincoln. It's a tall wagon, a short SUV, a high-luxe crossover and it's powered by the twin-turbo EcoBoost V6. » 5/14/09 6:30pm 5/14/09 6:30pm

2010 Lincoln MKT: Crossover For The Super-Segmented Masses

We brought you a look at the new 2010 Lincoln MKT yesterday, and now here's a load of live images of the seven passenger crossover revealed here at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show » 1/13/09 11:40am 1/13/09 11:40am

Automotive News: Ford EcoBoost V6 To Cost About $700, Appearing On…

Automotive News » 8/18/08 11:20am 8/18/08 11:20am is speculating that Ford's highly anticipated twin-turbocharged, direct-injected V6 will cost about $700 over the standard powerplant when it's released as an option for the and next year. While Ford didn't release output numbers or mileage expectations for the initial applications, they are saying…

2010 Ford Taurus SHO Renderings Updated

Yesterday we mentioned all the speculation regarding the 2010 Ford Taurus SHO and a focus group that SHO owners participated in, at the behest of Ford engineers and planners. Using the leaked photos of what everyone suspects is the 2010 Ford Taurus, the excitable folks over at BringBackTheSHO.com put their steady… » 5/08/08 7:30am 5/08/08 7:30am

Ford Is Readying A Trio Of Twin-Turbo Engines

Looks like BMW isn't the only new twin-turbo sheriff in town. Back during the Detroit Show we hipped you to the knowledge that FoMoCo was readying a "twin-force" V6 good for over 400 hp that would be showing up in a Lincoln flagship. Not good enough for Mulally, apparently. Turns out that Dearborn is actually… » 7/02/07 2:00pm 7/02/07 2:00pm

SHO Me The Twin Force, Baby! Rumors Of Performance Taurus Tease The…

FoMoCo forums are all atwitter with people claiming to have the inside skinny on the possibility of a Super High Performance version of the Ford's newly renamed Taurus. So what have we heard thrown over the back fence from Dearborn? Well, we're getting tios that a high-performance model of the Taurus is undergoing… » 3/22/07 1:00pm 3/22/07 1:00pm

Detroit Auto Show: Ford Goes Butch; The Interceptor Sedan Concept!!

Just look at that handsome lump of bulging, muscular Americana (on the right). You know the story by now. The Interceptor is a four-door Mustang (no matter what Ford says and then denies). Which means it's a rear wheel drive sedan powered by a torquey V8. We like this fact so much that us bothering to explain why is… » 1/08/07 11:24am 1/08/07 11:24am