Was the Millennium Falcon found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea?

On June 19, maritime treasure hunters — who were looking for priceless submerged hooch in shipwrecks — discovered a 60-meter-diameter circle 87 meters under the Baltic Sea. Are these the remains of an alien vessel or Cthulhu's personal pan pizza? » 7/04/11 11:01pm 7/04/11 11:01pm

Official Acura tweeter stands by accusation that coworker is gross

The person behind the official Acura Twitter account appeared to pull a Chrysler and let slip a strange tweet accusing a fellow employee of giving himself a manicure at his own desk. Turns out it was intentional » 3/30/11 12:30pm 3/30/11 12:30pm

U.S. Soldiers Film Themselves Pranking Iraqi by Planting a Grenade In…

A reality TV show that pranks celebrities by planting fake bombs in their cars is causing a stir in Iraq. But a couple months ago, U.S. soldiers filmed themselves planting a live grenade in an Iraqi's trunk as a 'prank.' » 9/04/10 5:20pm 9/04/10 5:20pm

BP Photoshops Another Official Image Terribly

This week it came to light that BP had photoshopped—poorly—an official image of their crisis command center. Apparently, that wasn't an isolated incident. Let's take a closer look at this view from a helicopter, shall we? UPDATED: » 7/21/10 5:41pm 7/21/10 5:41pm