The Last Cars Of Traditional British Car Companies

The British screwed up their automotive industry like no other. The endless badge-engineering meant that their once great cars become as outdated as the fish and chips kiosk just outside the factories, while the long-lasting strikes made sure that the workers went back to do their shifts with just the right attitude.… »12/31/12 10:30am12/31/12 10:30am


TVR Reveals Sagaris 2 Prototype, Sending Fender Vent Futures Up Sharply On Early Morning Trading

In an exclusive preview session put on for the TVR Car Club, the new TVR Sagaris 2 prototype was revealed in a flourish of vents and Britishness. Details have not been made public, but the new Sagaris appears to get a revised rear fascia and replaces the bizarre side exit rear exhaust with a more traditional straight… »7/11/08 8:30am7/11/08 8:30am