If You Can't Buy It, Build It: Wanky The Safety Cat

When I got my first beater car as a proto-hoon of 16, my dad had some excellent advice, straight from the Midwestern heartland where he learned about wrenching: "Son," he said, squinting at my barely-running Corona, popping the top on his can of Old Milwaukee, and taking a mighty swig, "You need to get yourself a JC… »2/21/07 12:05pm2/21/07 12:05pm

There Is A Season, Turn, Turn: Switching Lanes The Safe Way

We love technological innovations. Everything from butt warmers, anti-fog windshields and iPod connectors. If it's able to help make your drive more comfy — we're all for it. We've got a corollary to that as well — and that's technology helping you drive more safely. Like this little toy called LaneFX — made by… »6/02/06 3:04pm6/02/06 3:04pm