It's Complicated: Turkey Enters Anti-ISIS Air War, Bombs Kurds

As if the fledgling campaign against ISIS in Iraq and Syria could not get any more complicated, Turkey decided to finally open up its airspace and bases for Allied aircraft and began flying its own airstrikes on targets in Iraq and Syria. The only problem: it also flew air strikes of Kurdish PKK targets in Northern… »7/26/15 5:10pm7/26/15 5:10pm

Celebrate Turkey Day With This Super Turkish Monster

One of the things I like best about Thanksgiving, aside from grandma's ketamine-laced stuffing, is that it gives me a flimsy excuse to talk about cars made in Turkey. I did it last year and we all pulled through (relatively) okay, so let's give it another go. This time, let's talk about the Anadol STC-16, also known… »11/27/14 3:00pm11/27/14 3:00pm

How To Eat Thanksgiving Dinner: A Strategy Guide

How does one eat a Thanksgiving meal? On its face this might seem like a ridiculous question, and also everywhere else too. I mean, who doesn't know how to eat? (Excepting the British, of course.) Thanksgiving is marked, more than anything else, by its abundance of tasty foodstuffs; practically speaking, it is a… »11/27/14 2:30pm11/27/14 2:30pm

How to cook an entire Thanksgiving dinner on a race track

The attention of drivers at the annual 13-hour endurance race at Virginia's International Raceway is constantly split between the track and the delicious scent of smoking meats wafting into their race cars. That's thanks to a crazy competition pitting teams of corner safety workers against each other in a trackside… »11/22/11 12:00pm11/22/11 12:00pm