In 1971, Lotus Raced A Four-Wheel Drive F1 Car Powered By An Airplane Engine

The early 1970s were quite possibly the craziest years in Formula One and not only because of the mammoth sideburns. These were years of wild experiments in fields as apart as aerodynamics and sponsorship structures, and they produced fascinating evolutionary dead-ends like the Lotus 56, a turbine-powered, four-wheel… »4/16/12 4:30pm4/16/12 4:30pm

1954 Fiat Turbina Concept, Three Turbine Engines, No Waiting

The Fiat Turbina is one of those odd little engineering exercises which eventually fade into the ether. As a car, it certainly was interesting to look at, beautiful even, and wore high fins way before they were cool. But the really slick stuff was under the skin. The mid-mounted powerplant consisted of three different… »5/22/08 4:00pm5/22/08 4:00pm