This Is Chrysler's Tribute To The Turbine Car That Does Not Have A…

Chrysler's insanely innovative limited-production Turbine Car turns 50 this year, and while it never caught on, it remains one of the coolest experiments in automotive history. » 1/23/13 1:20pm 1/23/13 1:20pm

VIDEO: Chrysler Turbine Cars Meeting Fate In Crusher

Ever wonder what happened to the Chrysler turbine cars? We hate to break it to you, but most went to the crusher. Those with a penchant for 45,000-rpm turbine engines in Italian coachwork, be forewarned: graphic footage ahead. » 6/25/10 12:30pm 6/25/10 12:30pm

GM Firebird Turbine Concepts Visiting California, Pennsylvania

This fall, the General Motor Heritage Collection will be shipping all three of Harley Earl's turbine-powered Firebird dream cars, first to Pebble Beach and then to Hershey, PA. The 'birds normally reside in Michigan, so if you live near CA or PA, now's your chance to see retro-futuristic turbine optimism in the flesh. » 7/22/08 5:20pm 7/22/08 5:20pm