Watch two maniacs ride a motorcycle through a 393-foot fire hell tunnel

I found the entrance to hell and it’s this nearly 400-foot long tunnel of fire. When Enrico Schoeman and André de Kock hop on their motorcycle and burn through the tunnel, it looks like they’re on the surface of the Sun. The tunnel reaches temperatures of 900 degrees and you can’t even see where you’re going when… » 5/13/15 6:02pm 5/13/15 6:02pm

An Example Of The Inappropriate Usage Of Harold Faltermeyer

Don't these people know whether in Russia or Sweden, crazy-ass long tunnels are for hoonage and not for flying RC planes through? But most importantly, does the ability to fly a model plane in a semi-straight line over less than 4 km really warrant a double shot of Harold Faltermeyer and Queen? » 6/13/07 11:45am 6/13/07 11:45am

In Russia, Alaska Tunnels You! Bering Strait Access Plan Pondered

A patchwork of state organizations and private companies are forwarding a $65 billion plan to dig a tunnel under the Bering Strait from Russia to Alaska. The project would serve dual purposes of transport way and pipeline from Siberia's oil reserves. It would also bring the dream of driving around the world to the… » 4/25/07 11:36am 4/25/07 11:36am

25 Years Since The Great Caldecott Tunnel Fire

Ever wonder why most major highway tunnels prohibit tanker vehicles containing flammable liquids (except, in some cases, during certain designated hours)? Tanker drivers can blame the Caldecott Tunnel Fire of 1982 for such regulations. A drunk San Leandro bookkeeper hit the curb in the northern bore, stalling the car… » 4/16/07 4:30pm 4/16/07 4:30pm

Wicked Breaking News! When Tunnels Attack: Boston's Big Dig Kills Woman

It used to be $14 billion got you a tunnel system under a city that didn't kill people. Boston's Big Dig was once one of those tunnels. Alas, no more — last night a section of tunnel inside the Interstate 90 connector beneath an industrial area of the south side collapsed onto a car, killing a woman passenger.… » 7/11/06 11:18am 7/11/06 11:18am