Top Ten Ways To Drive Like A, Um... Modified Import Car Enthusiast

People give young folks in backwards baseball caps driving tuned Civics a lot of grief. Deserved maybe, but grief nonetheless. Are they really that irritating? Do we really have to call them "Ricers?" Why stereotype? Aren’t they just misguided kids trying to make their mark in life the only way they know how: by … »10/21/08 1:00pm10/21/08 1:00pm

Chrysler to Show 300C Long Wheelbase Custom at SEMA

Among Chrysler's SEMA show cars this year will be a rocked-out version of the 300C Long Wheelbase it's calling the Pullman. Recalling the Pullmann Mercedes W100s of the 1960s, a favorite of Hugh Hefner and South American puppet dictators alike, the Pullman features rear suicide doors, two sunroofs, chrome dubba-dubs,… »10/27/06 9:49am10/27/06 9:49am

The Lumma Song: New BMW M6 CLR 600 Tuner Seperated At Birth?

Lumma Design's come up with a carbon-fiber body kit package to spruce up what's already a way-way-way carbon-fibered BMW M6. The team at Lumma's got this M6 CLR 600 kit which for some reason seems to make us feel it was seperated at birth from some spy shots we saw just a couple of weeks ago. Click the jump and check… »7/25/06 10:25pm7/25/06 10:25pm