Totally Pointless Audi TTS Ad Has Us Scratching Our Heads

Okay, apparently whoever is doing the new ads for the Audi TTS is phoning it in, cause we have no idea what this commercial is trying to tell us. Is the TTS meant for periodic jaunty high speed runs in dry lake beds only to return for the awesome scenery? Perhaps the vaguely homo erotic undertones and selection of… »2/15/08 11:15am2/15/08 11:15am

Detroit Auto Show: Audi TTS Coupe & Roadster Official Pics, Details

We've now got the official scoop and pics of the Audi TTS Roadster & Coupe that broke through the embargo shields on Tuesday, sans that horrible watermark from Motorpasîon. Confirming what we'd heard, the Audi's will get the more potent 2.0-liter Turbo FSI four banger good for 272 horsepower. This will give them a… »1/10/08 1:45pm1/10/08 1:45pm

Detroit Auto Show Buggery: Audi TTS Pics, Info Leak

Internet FTW! Spanish auto site Motorpasión posted the first press shots of Audi's more hardcore version of the latest TT, the long-awaited TTS coupe and roadster. The more potent TTS will allegedly get Audi's 2.0 TFSI four producing 272 hp, along with a choice of 17-or 18-inch wheels, altered bodywork and LED daytime… »1/08/08 1:15pm1/08/08 1:15pm

Audi to Reveal Production Car and Concept Car at Detroit Auto Show

Audi just revealed their gameplan for the Detroit Auto Show next month, and they're letting the world know they'll be seeing a "world first" and a "stunning concept car" from the Teutonic multi-ringed automaker. Our bet is we'll be seeing the Audi TT-S drop as the production car and our sources tell us we'll be seeing… »12/20/07 8:30am12/20/07 8:30am

Show Us Your TTs: Audi Indeed Working up Performance Versions of New Coupe

Unsatisfied with the mechanical hotness of Audi's new TT? Edmunds Inside Line is reporting two up-spec'd TT models are on the way, following a similar performance-badging continuum as Audi's more conventional lines. Adding to a recent missive in Motor Trend, Edmunds says at hand are the TT-S for 2007 and TT-RS for… »10/05/06 9:43am10/05/06 9:43am