VW Plans World Domination, US-Built Mid-Size Sedan

VW wants to "dominate" the US market, using its against-the-odds current strong sales and profits (relatively) to go counter-cyclical and triple US sales. An American-made mid-size sedan is at the center of those plans. » 10/12/09 4:20pm 10/12/09 4:20pm

The Volkswagen Jetta TSI Sport Gets Super, Turbo, And San Diego Chargers

Volkswagen today launched their new Jetta TSI Sports racer for the UK Volkswagen Racing Cup. Featuring both super- and turbocharging, this saloon should be both faster and more reliable than LaDainian Tomlinson. The addition of the engine-driven supercharger and exhaust gas-powered turbo should provide motivation down… » 1/10/08 10:45am 1/10/08 10:45am