Does A Dealer Have To Honor An Online Price Quote?

There are several third party websites such as TrueCar and Edmunds, that offer an instant hassle free price based on the vehicle you want. You get a savings certificate that you take to the dealer and buy the car without the haggling. But what happens when the dealer doesn’t want to honor your certificate? »8/05/15 3:31pm8/05/15 3:31pm


The War And Truce Between TrueCar And Auto Dealers

In the latest edition of INC magazine, Paul Keegan tells the story of TrueCar founder Scott Painter, who arguably disrupted the car buying game and caused more headaches for dealerships far more than Tesla. The backlash forced Painter to change TrueCar to work for more for the dealers and less for the consumers. »11/07/14 5:35pm11/07/14 5:35pm

Haggling With Car Dealers Is Great, Say Car Dealers In Grating Cartoon

Not long ago the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) made a video to tell consumers how "misguided" there were to think that Tesla's direct sales model was that better than the franchise model. Now the NADA wants to tell you how wonderful it is to negotiate your car deal. »11/07/14 2:47pm11/07/14 2:47pm

The Truth About TrueCar Savings

Now more than ever, car buyers are craving that “no hassle” experience. They no longer want to deal with the “let me talk to my manager” back and forth in order to get a good price. Enter TrueCar, the website that is supposed to “bring more transparency to car-buying”, and even promises that you will “never overpay.” »4/10/14 11:22am4/10/14 11:22am