Automotive Suffering Is Good For Kids

The sound suggested I’d run over a wheelchair. When it had first begun, the shriek had been too sudden to appreciate any nuance, but now that I’d been living with it for a few miles, I could pick out that specific timbre — a poignant combination of metallic shirring, rubber flapping, and vehicular criminality.


My Life As An Almost Stunt Driver

Open on an aerial shot of some famous skyline as an orchestral score sets the tone. Intercut dramatic slider shot of the grille and headlights as we hear the rumble of an old Chevy big block. Jump to a dark close-up of eyes as they gaze intensely, ever so slightly off the camera’s center. Engine revs as we see an…

Why I Fuck Up My Cars

“The tint is illegal,” he told me, “but I’ve never gotten pulled over for it.” I was standing in a freezing-cold garage looking at a blacked out 2011 Nissan 370Z. It crouched so low to the ground that preschoolers could play leapfrog over it. Its marriage prospects had been improved by the addition of a top mount…