The EPA Just Said That This Whole 'Rolling Coal' Thing Is Illegal

Bro, yo, bro, BRO. Bro, remember that whole thing that we would do, where we, Bros, would pour thick, acrid, choking smoke all over people who happen to drive a Toyota Prius? Yeah, hilarious. Well it turns out OBUMMER's jackbooted thugs the EPA said we can't do that any more. » 7/08/14 2:20pm 7/08/14 2:20pm

How I spent an afternoon with my little brother last year

Actually, it was about an hour. We stood there over I-80, and I filmed him getting trucks to honk. This is the result. If the 6-year old in you still likes seeing cool big trucks (including a massive tow truck and some NASCAR haulers) roar by down the highway, horns blaring, this poorly-edited video is for you. If you… » 6/01/14 12:04pm 6/01/14 12:04pm