Unhappy Trails: Female Truckers Say They Faced Rape and Abuse in Troubled Training Program

Close to a decade ago, hungry for a change, Tracy left a stable but dull office job in the upper Midwest and hit the road. She took a bus to Iowa, where she enrolled in truck driving school. Eight days later, she says, with minimal classwork, bookwork, or driving time, she left with a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)… »8/21/15 12:28pm8/21/15 12:28pm


Truckload Of Leaking, Rotting Chicken Left At Truckstop In Montana

You know how disgusting a pound of rotting chicken is? Of course you do. Just picture that revolting stench for a moment, and then multiply it by 37,000. If you want to avoid this nightmare, stay away from the Flying J truck stop west of Missoula, because there's a trailer crammed full of rotting chicken there. »9/26/14 3:10pm9/26/14 3:10pm

Trucker Who Ran Over a Policeman Was Looking Up Escorts While Driving

A trucker who crashed into three police cars and two trucks, killing an Arizona public safety officer, was on Facebook at the time of the crash, and had used his phone to watch YouTube and look up female escort web pages, porn sites and social networks while driving on other occasions. »11/03/13 1:27pm11/03/13 1:27pm

Chinese Man Crashes Truck, Buys Helmet, Keeps Driving

Here's a man who was just being frugal and look what it got him, guff from the Chinese Police. Mr. Zhao, a Wuhan City man, was out dutifully delivering vegetables to the Hunan Province when he was involved in a traffic accident. The front end of the truck suffered major damage, but the truck seemed to operate fine. So… »3/13/08 2:15pm3/13/08 2:15pm

A Man Called Rubber Duck: Eighteen Wheel Off-Roading from 'Convoy'

What happens when you take Kris Kristofferson, Ali McGraw and Ernest Borgnine, have 'em read from a script based on a novelty hit song sung by an ad man and get Sam Peckinpah to man the director's chair? Convoy, of course! One of the finest examples of the CB radio/big-honking-truck genre that swept the nation in… »9/20/06 4:45pm9/20/06 4:45pm

The 2006 International Roadcheck: Just keep your eye out for that Mr. Bandit, bastard!

Like some kind of law enforcing Super Friends, the combined forces of state, federal, Candian and Mexican authorities (yes, we're also trying not to snicker at the last two) are banding together into one big pseudo-Buford T. Justice. Yup, it's that time of the year again — the 19th International Roadcheck — when… »6/06/06 2:48pm6/06/06 2:48pm