Trucker Rigs Disappearing License Plate To Cheat Tolls

Ever since James Bond showed off the rotating plates on his Aston Martin, people have been inspired to rig up their own devices to conceal their vehicle's identity. Recently, a trucker was nearly caught using such a device to avoid paying tolls. The trick plate was mounted on a hinge and connected to a cable which ran… »9/05/08 2:30pm9/05/08 2:30pm

TeleType GPS Navigation Unit Caters To Truckers, Hazmat Drivers

See, Garmin, now this is a reason to release new GPS navigation units and not because you are increasing the screen size by half an inch. The WorldNav 3300 GPS navigation systems from TeleType cater specifically to drivers of hazardous materials and truckers. You know how some roads don't want your uranium or toxic… »3/12/08 10:20am3/12/08 10:20am