Wreak havoc on dirt bike riders with the 1972 Ford Truck

What do you do when you realize your dirt bike racing son has forgotten his lucky scarf? Hop in your 1972 Ford truck and hit the racetrack to chase little Alfie down with no regard for his fellow racers, of course. This is exactly what the mother featured in this vintage Ford advertisement decided to do, resulting in… » 8/06/11 9:00am 8/06/11 9:00am

Man describes surviving Joplin Tornado in pickup truck

The first sign something was wrong was when William Lynch noticed a dumpster flying across the road. He quickly pulled over to the side of the road and tried to cope with the debris pelting him through a broken window. Unknowingly, he'd driven right into the Joplin Tornado. » 5/24/11 1:30pm 5/24/11 1:30pm

Where old Canadian trucks go to die

Car lovers are losing junkyards like the ones shown to time, increased environmental regulation and the rising cost of scrap metal. As the amount of old untouched junkyards dwindle catching a glimpse of the ones that remain, like this collection of old trucks in Canada, becomes that much cooler. » 3/13/11 4:00pm 3/13/11 4:00pm