2014 Dodge Durango R/T AWD: The Truck Yeah! Review

From Truck Yeah!: The 2014 Dodge Durango R/T is a bit of a poor man's Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT— and that's exactly what makes it great. Sure, that 470-horse Jeep can dust a Durango off a stoplight but Dodge's "lite performance" SUV offers almost as much delightful rambunctiousness with a lot more usefulness for much… » 7/09/14 9:52am 7/09/14 9:52am

3 Words: Roof Mounted Exhaust

Italian Francesco Zefferino Sbarro—known as Franco Sbarro—is an interesting man. Starting as a mechanic, he gradually worked his way into Scuderia Filipinetti, a Swiss race team. Using strong cars, they competed in Formula 1 and sports car racing, with drivers like Jim Clark, Phil Hill, Ronnie Peterson, Jo Siffert,… » 6/12/14 4:45pm 6/12/14 4:45pm

The Oral History Of An Amazing 1930 Ford Model A Off-Road Mail Truck

From Truck Yeah!: People did amazing things to get their mail before we could send messages with a few buttons... like put off-road tires on wooden-spoked wheels. Here's the (mostly) complete and fascinating history of an "off-road snowmobile coupe", as told its by owner/seller who knows of "at least three" in… » 6/09/14 4:41pm 6/09/14 4:41pm