Autorama Cleanout: First Love, a Trepanier Masterpiece

Sometimes, on this great journey through life, you witness something so truly breathtaking, so utterly, impossibly perfect, pure and good, it shifts the paradigm of your perception. It is deceptively easy to go right by the "First Love" exhibit in front of Detroit's Cobo hall. A passing glance will reveal nothing out… » 3/15/07 12:17pm 3/15/07 12:17pm

Salt Flats Monster: '69 Barracuda LSR Car

Okay, so Troy Trepanier has been known to be cocky and egotistical at times. He's been known to build cars that were too self-involved for their own good. His company is called "Rad Rides by Troy" — which may be one of the worst names of any company, ever (despite our affection for the word "rad"). He's been known to… » 8/15/06 7:00am 8/15/06 7:00am